Stawell Gift Hall of Fame

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Digital Touchscreen Presentation and Video Player

Client: Stawell Gift Hall of Fame
Project: Digital Touchscreen Presentation and Video Player

The touchscreen or kiosk presentations were introduced as a draw card to bring tourists into the combined Stawell Gift Hall of Fame and Tourist Information complex in Stawell, Victoria.

The Stawell Athletics Club had an archive of hundreds of race videos, but the primary challenge was how best to engage visitors and introduce them to some of the extraordinary races that have been held over the event’s long and illustrious history.

The race videos are made enticing and easy to access by highlighting up front a collection of the most entertaining Final race videos, and also offering navigation by decade and then by year to all the race videos.

The touchscreen presentation also displays extensive tourist information such as Things to See and Do, Accommodation, Events and the Grampians National Park.

The presentations are actually delivered as a secure website. The key advantages of this as opposed to a more static format such as a DVD or Flash based presentation are

  • The presentation can be easily updated from any computer on the internet at any time with new tourist information or new race videos each Easter, using the Content Management System.
  • No need for any additional hardware or software to support the presentation.

Interested to see the Stawell Gift Hall of Fame presentation? You’ll need to visit Stawell!