Big city expertise at reasonable prices

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We don’t offer pre packaged websites as we believe the needs of each client are best met by a unique, fully customised strategy.

That doesn’t mean that we will lock you into our own proprietary systems or demand that all code is written from scratch though.

At Design Central we believe that transparency and honesty are essential to building successful relationships. So during the strategy and planning phase we will discuss with you any free open source components or other pre existing applications that might be appropriate for your project.

Once the best strategy and products and services for a particular project are agreed upon we present a detailed and fully costed quote, so you know all costs up front.

And whilst most of us have worked for Big City agencies, or even continue to freelance for them, we now all work from home. That means you only get charged for our time and expertise… and are not charged for expensive city overheads.

That means we can deliver great results at great value.