Website to promote Meditation for Women

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Yesterday our latest project of a website designed to promote Transcendental Meditation for Women came in.

This client wants to rapidly prepare for the ‘Oprah Effect’ – Oprah Winfrey, who is a practitioner of this type of meditation, is releasing her own TV show in the US about Transcendental Meditation in January.

This website will promote and generate leads through Search Engine Optimisation and a News blog to bring in traffic, easy to use design and navigation, clear ‘calls to action’ to call, sign up for a newsletter or attend a free intro talk, and content detailing the benefits of Transcendental Meditation for women such as increased happiness, inner peace and success!

The client will be able to easily add News items and make other changes to the website using a fully customised and user friendly Content Management System.

Have a look at the temporary webpage which is already up at

If you want to know Why successful women use Oprah’s meditation, check back in mid January when the full website is due to be live.